The 3 Best Aux Cables to buy (2019)

Aux Cables? Huh?…I know what you’re thinking, when the whole world is going wireless why should I buy a bulky cable? In the era of Bluetooth 4, who needs an Aux cable to listen to music? With amazing apps like Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Google Music, Spotify, Gaana etc. that allow you to stream music directly from the cloud, why would you want cables to get this music from your phone to your output device? The answer is simple, and yet still needs a bit of explanation.

Why use Aux Cables?

When it comes to good quality music, the source is just as important as the output device. Now a good source file is basically a lossless file which is typically much larger than a good quality mp3 file. Playing this music via Bluetooth defeats the whole purpose of having a good quality source device and music file as a lot of the file data is lost in transferring via Bluetooth.

In the near future with the rapid advances that we are already seeing in Bluetooth technology, aptX etc. it may just be possible to make the shift, but till that time comes, the best way to listen to music and really experience it is still the old fashioned way, by using a hardline.

Have trouble finding a decent Aux Cable?? Here’s a list of some good cables that we’ve used extensively.

boAT Indestructible 3.5mm

The best aux cable you can get at an extremely affordable price. Excellent build quality, gold plated ends, and is very literally indestructible!

Amkette Car Stereo 3.5mm

In second place comes the Amkette Aux Cable which has good build quality but is not quite as good as boAT. The sound quality is just as impressive though and if you’re not a big fan of boAT and are looking for a cheaper alternative then this is the option for you!

Amazon Basics Aux Cable

For those of you looking for something longer than the standard 6 ft Aux cable, Amazon Basics has a pretty decent quality 8 ft cable. The issue with this cable is that it lacks the tough braiding that you get with the other two and this definitely affects the life of the cable. The soft cable is more wieldy but also more susceptible to damage than the braided cables by boAT and Amkette. If braiding is not an issue for you and you absolutely need an affordable Aux cable longer than 6ft, go for the Amazon Basics Aux Cable!

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