Huawei Banned | Trump Takes on China

The relations between USA and China show no signs of improving after the Trump Administration passed a new trade law last week that has put a number of major China based companies on a Trade Blacklist, Huawei being one of them.

What actually happened…

Huawei is one of China’s leading Mobile Manufacturers and had considerable sales outside of it’s country of origin. With the trade law passed last week, Google has decided to suspend all support from any future devices coming from the Chinese Smartphone Vendor. This means no Android, no Playstore, no YouTube, no Google Ecosystem. Huawei essentially is at risk of losing out a majority of it’s client base and could even go out of business.
Although Huawei operates without Google in China where it has always been absent, all of it’s famous smartphones sold to the rest of the world run on, and using software supplied by Google. The Android Based phones will receive no support from Google until further notice and the situation seems unlikely to change under the Trump Administration.

So what now?

As it stands now, Google will continue to provide support to existing Huawei customers but with limitations viz no android updates for any of their devices. The existing customers will not have to worry about security, applications or other Google Services, but Google will have absolutely nothing to do with any future phones manufactured by Huawei.

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