Why the New HP Omen Keyboard is better than the More “Popular” Logitech G513, Corsair K95 Platinum, Razer Huntsman Elite and more!!

When you’re looking to buy a Gaming Keyboard and you search for some good options online, you get the usual suspects like Logitech, Corsair, Razer, HyperX, Steelseries etc. They have long been the frontrunners in a market that is saturated with numerous keyboards from a host of different companies, each with a wide range of gaming keyboards. For a long time now, the top of the line keyboards from Logitech, Corsair and Razer have been the go to keyboards for any serious keyboard enthusiast or gaming fanatic and with good reason.

Logitech G513 Gaming Keyboard

logitech G513 gaming keyborad

Logitech’s flagship gaming keyboard, the G513, is an absolutely fantastic keyboard for anyone looking for a great gaming experience. It comes with an option of 3 switches, The Romer G tactile, Romer G Linear and the GX Blue Clicky so the user can choose the kind of typing experience that they prefer. It has a comfortable wrist support, beautiful RGB lighting, USB Passthrough and both looks and feels like a true Premium Gaming Keyboard.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum equipped with Cherry MX Speed switches is the preferred choice of many e-sports athletes and it’s easy to see why this keyboard is so popular. Cherry MX speed switches, stunning RGB lighting, Multimedia controls, dedicated macro keys, USB Passthrough, a Nice Wrist Support, this keyboard truly has it all!

The Blackwidow series from Razer

The Blackwidow series from Razer has long been it’s flagship series for years now and has only recently been replaced by the truly stunning Razer Huntsman Elite. With arguably the best Wrist support of all 3 and undoubtedly the best RGB lighting with a stunning RGB underglow that extends to include even the Wrist Support, not to mention dedicated media keys, an extremely useful customizable multimedia knob, and a host of other features the thing that truly sets this keyboard apart from it’s competition are the new opto-mechanical switches by Razer. Combining the mechanism of the favoured mechanical keys with the optical sensors that receive signals at the speed of light and remove any metal to metal contact thereby removing depress delay, improving life and ensuring a fast and snappy typing/gaming experience, this technological wonder is being used for the first time by a commercial brand of such an esteemed reputation.

Why you should choose the HP Omen Gaming Keyboard

With so many great features, it seems like the obvious thing to do is pick your favourite out of the 3 keyboards mentioned above and call it a day. And this would’ve possibly been the right thing to do before the HP Omen Sequencer came into the picture. The Logitech G513 has no multimedia keys or macro keys which is something that you would expect from a premium gaming keyboard. Also it uses traditional Mechanical Switches with the 2 Romer G variants feeling a bit mushy and the GX Blue Clicky switch manufactured by Kailh being similar to the first generation Razer switches has a lot of key wobble. The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard has everything else going for it, yet it too uses the traditional Cherry MX switches and loses out to a longer life span and a new technology switch. The Razer Huntsman Elite truly does have it all but it lacks USB passthrough and since it needs 2 USB slots for the wrist support to light up, this is a serious issue for most of us who are already running out of USB ports.

Cost is Important as well!

Apart from this, all 3 of the Logitech G513, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and the Razer Huntsman Elite are amazing keyboards but they cost upwards of Rs. 15,000/-


This is why the best keyboard available at the moment in the Indian Market is the HP Omen Sequencer. The Sequencer has a stunning smudge proof top, uses optical mechanical keys like the Huntsman elite, has built in macro keys, a gorgeous, textured metal roller for multimedia control, dedicated multimedia keys, a cleverly concealed USB passthrough, stunning RGB lighting with a host of customization options using the Omen Command Center software and looks and feels just as good as any of the above mentioned keyboards. It does not include a wrist support but with an MRP of Rs. 7,500/- which is less than half the price of any of the others, it truly seems like a small sacrifice! Compared to others in it’s price range it is head and shoulders above the herd. Compared to the best of the best it still manages to hold it’s own. A truly premium gaming keyboard at a price you just can’t say no to!

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