Is this the next console killer? | Google Stadia

Google has officially announced the launch of Google Stadia, an Online Gaming Platform, which enables streaming of the games through cloud with maximum stability. It is going to be a huge step in the world of gaming as Google Stadia will enable users to stream their favorite games on a wide variety of devices without the need for a hardware box, instead running on Google’s own data center.

Using Stadia will require just the minimum necessary things like steady, high speed internet connection and an updated version of Google Chrome. You can play games on Google Stadia by simply opening a new tab in Google Chrome.
To ensure the quality of streaming world wide, Google is ensuring that the servers remain as close as possible to the users by investing in data centers as global infrastructure. Google said it is expecting 4K at 60fps over internet with bandwidth of 25mbps which further will be upgraded to higher specifications.

YouTube is a huge part of Google Stadia. As over billions of hours of gaming content was viewed on YouTube last year, Google is really pushing players to the cloud service. Stadia is also providing a way for Developers to design and customize the experience in their own way which may turn out to be a great feature of the platform. “Crowd Play” will let viewers of a stream join a queue and play the multiplayer game themselves.

Google will be launching Stadia at some point in 2019. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe will be the first locales to support the service.

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