What makes Epic Fantasy Books truly great?

When it comes to Epic Fantasy Books, the options are endless and so are the debates. Everyone has their favourite series and stands by it, but if you break it down we can make an objective analysis of the series that are available and come to a conclusion as to which series is truly the best as an Epic Fantasy Series.

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1) Magic

While this may seem like an obvious component, no true Fantasy Series is complete without ample use of Magic. If it doesn’t have at least a dash of magic, it’s not Epic Fantasy!

2) Rich Character Detail

The base of any Epic Fantasy Series revolves around it’s characters. You need to have characters that people get attached to, characters that have solid back stories, interesting personalities, and something that makes you want to cheer them on. Characters that are immersive help make an Epic Fantasy series truly great.

3) Plenty of Characters

A typical Epic Fantasy Series will have many great characters that interact with each other through out the series and add something to the story. This does not include the filler characters that are simply used to push the story forward but the “Main” Characters that get a substantial chunk of the story, POV’s, have a direct bearing on the lead character/s and generally come with a fully-fleshed back story and character development of their own.

4) Wars, Battles, Fights

The fight of Good vs Evil, blown up to Epic Proportions is what makes an Epic Fantasy series. Multiple POV’s, Large Battlefields, any number of Large Armies coming together to battle it out to the death are all the trademarks of a good Epic Fantasy Series.

5) Cultures, Languages, Traditions

Epic Fantasy series are notorious for creating their own worlds complete with different races(Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Humanoids, Robots just to name a few), different cultures, different festivals, different celebrations etc. in an attempt to help the readers truly lose themselves in their fictional world. An attention to detail is something a great Epic Fantasy Series will not miss out on.

6) Emotional Range

Great Epic Fantasy Series make you experience a wide range of emotions as you delve deeper into the lore. Joy at your favourite characters success and sorrow at their loss, a dash of humour and a number of other emotions, Fantasy Books will have it all!


Any great Epic Fantasy Series needs to be considerably large for it to be considered an Epic Fantasy Series. Although this does not mean having more pages automatically makes a series better than a smaller one, it certainly helps if the quality is maintained throughout.

8) Slow Build-Up, Fast Crescendo

The build-up in any Epic Fantasy series is slow as the author generally takes time to describe his characters and his world in great detail before you reach the fast paced action in the books where the pace becomes truly frenetic and you just can’t put the book down anymore.

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