Will Eminem hit back after MGK’s RAP DEVIL?


Eminem’s New Album KAMIKAZE disses MGK.
(MGK hits back with RAP DEVIL)
Will Eminem hit back?


For those of you unaware of what’s happening in the world of Hip-Hop, and you must be living under a rock if you missed out on all that’s happened since the weekend, Eminem just released his 10th studio album “Kamikaze” on the 31st of August.
It was a surprise album and took the internet by storm. You don’t get a major artist like Marshall Mathers just dropping a new album without any of the hype and marketing that normally precedes these kinds of things. What’s even better was, Kamikaze turned out to be one of the best Eminem albums in recent times.
Shortly after it’s release people started raving about how much they loved it and it went from being appreciated by just his loyal fans to garnering the love and support of people all over the world including celebrities and even some of the other rappers he called out in the next two days!
Eminem not alike
Eminem’s surprise album KAMIKAZE has taken the internet by storm

RAP DEVIL takes on the Rap God

Kamikaze is an album that has Slim Shady showing off his versatile abilities. Eminem addresses a number of issues about his career and about people writing him off and the people like MGK who have taken shots at him to make a name for themselves. It’s a typical album in some ways as it has Eminem being himself and not really caring what anyone thinks about him.
In one of the songs “Not Alike” Eminem takes shots at Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. MGK replied with aplomb just yesterday with his single Rap Devil which in itself is a shot at Eminem’s Rap God.
MGK rap devil
Machine Gun Kelly hits back with RAP DEVIL

The Aftermath

MGK is not nearly as well known as Eminem is but is seriously talented and he shows that he has the bars and the guts to take on someone like Eminem who many people who are more established than MGK would never even dream of dissing.
Rap Devil has garnered over 16 million views in it’s first 24 hours and the reaction is pretty much the same throughout. Everyone agrees, some of us somewhat grudgingly, that MGK is talented and this song is very good. Most of us think that Eminem is going to destroy MGK with his comeback. And Eminem certainly has the tools to do it.
The thing is, Eminem doesn’t really need to do anything. Even if MGK has made a pretty great diss track about him, Eminem is on another level entirely and doesn’t have to answer to anyone that raps about him. In his opening song ‘Ringer’ Eminem himself says that engaging in fights with smaller rappers gets him nothing and helps his rival get views.
Still waiting to see if Eminem will respond

In Conclusion

MGK has made things really personal mentioning Eminem’s daughter Hailie and ex-wife Kim. That plus the fact that Shady doesn’t really seem to like MGK and his audience is itching for the battle to continue makes this a win-win situation for him.
One thing’s for certain, if Eminem does make a diss-track in response, we might get to witness one of the best Rap battles in recent times!

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