6 Reasons why Henry Cavill WONT LEAVE THE DCEU

A lot has been said in the last week about the future of Superman, in particular, Henry Cavill quitting as the iconic Man of Steel for the DCEU. Henry Cavill himself addressed the rumours with a post on Instagram which created more questions than it answered. After reading into everything that’s been going on, we’ve come up with our take on things and here’s 6 reasons why Henry Cavill isn’t quitting as Superman!

1. An Iconic Role

henry cavill superman
Superman is one of those roles you can only dream of. It’s something that everyone wants to play but only one actor can. It’s definitely not something you just toss aside and Henry Cavill must know this.

2. Opportunity to work on other Projects


The movies featuring Superman are spaced out and there’s plenty of time for Cavill to work on other projects in the mean time to avoid getting stuck in a rut. This addresses a key rumour that suggests he doesn’t want to get stuck in the shadow of a role that becomes bigger than the performer. He has recently been cast as “Geralt of Rivia” in the Netflix series “The Witcher” and was a key part of the recent Mission Impossible movie. With the next Justice League movie being pushed a bit further, there’s plenty of time for him to balance his other projects.

3. Work Opportunity

Now don’t get us wrong, Henry Cavill is a great actor and has plenty of projects up his sleeve, but there are very few projects as big as one that comes under the WB and DC banner and with so many movies featuring the man of steel in the pipeline, it really doesn’t make any sense for him to opt out of it all at this stage.

4. He’s a bit of a Comic Buff himself…

Henry Cavill has made no secret of his love for the Comic books or video games. There’s a rather famous story of how he missed Zac Snyder’s call for the Man of Steel as he was busy playing a video game. The Witcher series is based on books that gained world wide fame after they were made into games, a game series that Cavill is a huge fan of. He’s an avid comic book fan and has read many from the DC collection. He has a natural inclination towards comics and superheros. His love for Superman and the movies make it hard for anyone to believe he would leave without a solid reason.

5. No official statement.

There have been so many rumours about it but neither Henry, nor Warner Bros nor DC have confirmed his exit. If he truly were to leave, the production houses would be the first to issue a statement, preferably a joint statement to control the fallout that is typically associated with such scenarios. The lack of any official statement in spite of the claims being more than a week old now makes them to be more like the work of idle journalists than anything else.

6.  Ben Affleck will also leave?

Another hint at how these could just be rumours, Ben Affleck who stars as Batman in the DC Extended Universe is also said to be following Henry Cavill out. The only reasons that are given are that Ben thinks it’s the right time to leave. This is not to discredit the fact that many a times actors do cite these reasons, but you should remember this comes off the back of rumours that he had agreed to do the Batman standalone series not too long ago. With those projects already in the pipeline and with the shoot for the new Batman movie scheduled in the coming months, it’s hard to imagine he would simply quit for no reason. It just feels like the rumour mills making up more fluff pieces to support the Henry Cavill rumours.


So what do you think? Will Henry Cavill really give up the lucrative and iconic role? Will he simply hang up the cape for good? Or do you think these are just rumours? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think is really happening!

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