15 Things only a Coffee Addict will know!

For many people throughout the world, Coffee is a part of day to day life. We all love coffee, but what’s the difference between someone with an appreciation for a cup of joe and a full-blown caffeine addict?

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1) A thorough knowledge of the different types of coffees available.

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Drinking coffee everyday is one thing, consuming copious amounts before the sun comes up is quite another. A coffee addict is often a connoisseur of the fine art of the brewed beverage and knows exactly what kind of a drink will give him that caffeine rush.

2) A dependence on coffee that could be seen as borderline maniacal.

Sure we’re all a little cranky and out of sorts early in the morning. But if you’re one of those people that could end up in prison because you had to talk with someone before you had your first cup of the day, maybe the coffee truly is what’s keeping you sane!

3) Why you drink coffee vs Why the rest of the World Drinks Coffee.

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant i.e. it’s the good stuff that really wakes you up in the morning. Not so if you’re a coffee addict. Your body is so used to caffeine that it doesn’t even respond to coffee anymore. You drink it cos you have to. And you/we wouldn’t have it any other way!

4) French Press Coffee over your next paycheck.

No it’s nothing like French Kissing. Yes, it’s a coffee brewed in a very specific way, unlike anything made in those automated machines and drip coffees. French Press Coffee is made in a device called the “French Press”. It consists of a Cylinder shaped container in which coarsely ground coffee and hot water is added. The Coffee is allowed to brew to the desired strength and then the plunger or piston is pressed which pushes the coarse powder down to the bottom and the coffee can be poured out. Check out these links for some of the best French Press Coffee makers available right now.

5) You swear by a Traditional Drip Coffee Maker.

This is where the Coffee addicts shine. Drip coffee allows you to make so many subtle changes to your pot of steaming hot coffee that are almost impossible to pick up for an ordinary coffee lover but appeal so much to the caffeine addict!

Drip coffee machines are so advanced these days that you can control the exact temperature at which the coffee brews, the strength of the coffee you want to make, set a timer to brew your coffee every morning while you catch some extra winks, keep the coffee brewed hot in a separate pot for hours and some even come with automatic grinders to grind the coffee beans all in one machine!

These are complex gadgets and cost a fair amount. Definitely worth the investment for a true coffee addict!

These are some of the best coffee makers available.

6) But Instant Coffee Sucks!

An often frowned upon alternative to the brewed coffees but famous among common coffee lovers, instant coffee never tastes bad to a normal guy. Try to convince a coffee addict and you might have wished you hadn’t, especially if they haven’t had their coffee yet. But honestly, you can’t hate Davidoff. Even if you’re a coffee addict!

7) High Levels of Caffeine in your Bloodstream take you to the next level

When you’re working, you need to be drinking coffee. If your caffeine levels are high, you’re a God in your workplace. When your Caffeine levels drop, your performance drops. You lose focus, drive and your will to live. Sort of.

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8) Cold Press Coffee could be a win.

A machine that takes something as simple as making iced coffee/cold coffee and turns it into something as boast-worthy as rocket-science by using a method that doesn’t heat the coffee powder itself to prevent changing the flavor due to the heat? What? This sounds PERFECT!

A Cold Brew Coffee Machine uses either a Press or Immersion technique to brew the coffee without heat. This prevents the coffee from tasting astringent or bitter. The coffee is added to the water and either pressed using a machine similar to a French Press or just allowed to sit.

Keep in mind however that this machine doesn’t only make hot coffee. For those of you that think ice and coffee together is the devils work, you can always heat the cold brewed coffee after you remove the coffee powder and get a completely different flavor to any hot brewed coffee.

9) But Not Pod Coffee Brewers!

This machine takes the fine, complex art of brewing coffee and simplifies it so much so that just about anyone can make a killer cup of coffee. The coffee is good, sure. But that’s not the point. It’s too easy to use, impossible to get wrong and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as your fancy machine with all it’s little knobs and levers and other complexities.

10) Knowing EVERYTHING about the coffee shops near your place.

You know what coffee they use and what drink to get. You know who runs the place. You know the guy that makes your coffee. He’s one of your favorite people in the world. Your guy knows you just as well as you know your coffee and you don’t even have to tell him your drink anymore.

11) No coffee shop is too far if the coffee is good enough. Period.

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12) It’s never too late for Coffee.

Your friend suggested that once. You have one less friend to deal with now.

13) Or too early either.

Pulling an all-nighter at work or school, it’s 430 am and you’re almost done. You might be able to get some sleep soon. But your coffee has run out and you don’t know if it’s too early or not. If this is you, you’re not a true coffee aficionado, because it’s ALWAYS coffee time.

14) You had hot coffee go cold once in your life.

Then you realize three things. You couldn’t reheat it without it’s taste changing. You couldn’t drink it cold because it tastes horrible. And that hell is probably a place where they make you sit in front of a cup of hot coffee without touching it till it goes cold and then force it down your throat.

You’ve never let it go cold since. And you’re a nicer person because you just can’t go to hell now.

15) The only pick-me-up that you’ll ever need.

A good cup of coffee is the only thing you need at the end of a rough day. Save the sappy support of your “better half” for the peasants, your cup of liquid perfection are all you need to make things right again.

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